Processing of Personal Data Statement

I hereby agree that I have read and understood the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (“Policy”) of Attaş Alarko Turistik Tesisler A.Ş. (“Company”) which is in this website, the below mentioned matters, and the rights granted to me by the Personal Data Protection Law (“Law”) numbered 6698, and that I am aware that I can apply to the Company as stated below, in relation to these rights.

The Purpose of Personal Data Processing, the Related Legal Grounds, the Method of Transfer and Collection

Your personal data that are in the scope of the Law (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address and country information) will be recorded, stored, updated, checked regularly, rearranged, classified, kept; will be shared with the Company's affiliates and subsidiaries, business partners in Turkey and overseas; third person service providers and suppliers that are providing website hosting, data analysis, provision of information technology and the related infrastructures, customer services and e-mail delivery services; with governmental entities and institutions provided that a request in line with the regulations is received; will be transferred overseas, and will be processed; in line with the regulations, through the Company, and call centers, customer service unit or this website (written, verbal, visual and electronic channels) acting on behalf of the Company, as long as the duration required, and with the purposes of: Transmitting marketing communications to you in line with your communication preferences, which we think that you may be interested, such as introduction of products/services, advertisement, communication, promotion, sales and marketing; data analyses, development of new products, testing, service development, improvement or change, specifying usage trends, checking the effectiveness of our introductory campaigns, to perform and enhance our business activities. A third person who/which will receive these personal data will not use them beyond the purposes stated herein, and will only use them in line with the data processing purposes of Attaş Alarko Turistik Tesisler A.Ş. that are stated herein. The processing of your personal data will be based on the legal ground of explicit consent as stated in the provision of article 5/1 of the Law.

Regarding your personal data and the aforementioned data processing purposes, by using one of the below mentioned methods, you can access your contact information and communication preferences, you can update these, if you have a request about the personal data you have provided to the Company that involves accessing, updating, erasing or correcting these data, or you have other requests about your rights stated in this text or in the Law, you can deliver these requests as stated in the Law and the Communique on the Rules and Procedures for Applications to the Data Controller, in writing and as signed, in person to the below mentioned application address, you can deliver your requests through a public notary, you can send to from a registered e-mail address, or by a secure electronic signature or mobile signature, or you can send to, from your e-mail address that exists in our Company records.

APPLICATION ADDRESS: Nisbetiye Caddesi, Ahular Sokak No: 6, Etiler, Beşiktaş, İstanbul.

As long as the laws do not require or allow that we keep your data for longer periods, we will keep your personal data throughout the period as required to fulfill the purposes stated in this information text. Your personal data will be kept for a maximum period of twenty years.

Your Rights as the Data Subject

(a) To learn whether your personal data are processed or not, (b) To demand for information as to if your personal data have been processed, (c) To learn the purpose of the processing of your personal data and whether these personal data are used in compliance with the purpose, (d) To know the third parties to whom your personal data are transferred in country or abroad, (e) To request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any, (f) To request the erasure or destruction of your personal data under the conditions referred to in Article 7, (g) To request reporting of the operations carried out pursuant to sub-paragraphs (e) and (f) to third parties to whom your personal data have been transferred, (h) To object to the occurrence of a result against yourself by analyzing the data processed solely through automated systems, (i) To claim compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of your personal data.