Explicit Consent Form

As knowledgeable as to leave no doubt, I hereby give my explicit, informed consent as stated in the provision of article 5/1 of the Law that my personal data obtained by the Company can be saved and stored, as long as needed for the given purposes above, updated, checked regularly, rearranged, classified, kept or processed in other ways as long as needed for the given purposes for any product-service promotion, advertising, communication, promotion, sales, marketing within the scope of data analysis, developing new products, testing, improving, developing or changing the service, determining trends of usage and promotional events, running operations and expansion, as well as the delivery of marketing communications and newsletters through the communication channel of my choice, and that they can be shared with the Company's affiliates and subsidiaries, business partners in Turkey and overseas, third person service providers and suppliers for services such as website hosting, data analysis, provision of information technology and related infrastructures, customer services and e-mail delivery services, audit and that it can disclose this information to the said parties, transfer it abroad, and that the third party the personal data is transferred to will not use these transferred data for purposes other than specified in this statement and will only use them for Attaş Alarko Turistik Tesisler A.Ş.’s data processing purposes.