10 March 2020

Leading the Way with Youth Advisory Board, Creative Minds at Hillside Beach Club in Turkey

Known for its pioneering approach and wholehearted service Hillside Beach Club has begun taking suggestions from its younger visitors through its recently introduced scheme, Creative Minds. Brought about by the hotel’s founder, Edip Ilkbahar is excited to see what the Creative Minds concept brings to the future of Hillside Beach Club. Given the hotel’s inclusive understanding of all its guests, it’s no wonder Hillside boasts an impressive 68% repeat guest ratio that has even seen it recognised as a Harvard Business School case study.

The Creative Minds concept is a youth advisory board available to the children of repeater guests, aged between 13 and 19. Taking place four times a year, Creative Minds invites those children who are familiar with the hotel’s offerings to meet with senior management. It allows the younger generation to have their say, given their valuable first-hand experience of the hotel, and make suggestions on how to improve the activities available and other business operations.

Hillside Beach Club executed many of the suggestions this year after piloting Creative Minds in 2019. Following a string of successful results, the hotel is excited to implement the concept on a permanent basis. Guests are now able to vote on what movie is screened in the evening via the hotel’s app, after teens wanted greater control of the movie choice and admired poll options on social media. The size of the basketball court was increased following popular demand, and Wake Point was designed following the demand by youngsters for daytime parties, as they wanted a place to dance freely without parents, who weren’t so keen on partying.

Istanbul born Edip Ilkbahar, Founder and Coordinator of Hillside Beach Club is the man behind Creative Minds. Ever the innovator, he founded the hotel in 1990, after specialising in new enterprises within sports, entertainment, cinema and tourism. Edip, who is also a member of the Young Presidents Organisation, World Future Society, the Propeller Cub and the Young Businessman Association, places high value on listening to the minds of the future. He recognises the important of paying attention to younger guests, not only to ensure the whole family enjoys their Hillside experience, but because he understands that they may one day be parents, bringing their own children to Hillside Beach Club.

“Passionate about “making people feel good”, Hillside Beach Club defines feeling good in the real sense, not through possessions or luxury, but as the emotions that you feel sitting under your favorite tree or enjoying quality time with friends”, says Edip. “Our genuine philosophy of making people feel good has helped Hillside gain a number of loyal guests and staff who return to the hotel year after year. To cater to evolving guest demands, we employ a culture of continuous improvement, and closely align global trends with human psychology to introduce new and diverse experiences each year. It is therefore increasingly important for us to embrace ideas of the younger generation within our management style”

Hillside Beach Club is a home away from away from home in privately owned Kalemya Bay. The Luxury hideaway offers an idyllic blend of relaxation and adventure for couples and families alike. Make the most of three stunning beaches, two indulgent spas and gourmet cuisine from a choice of three restaurants.

Leading the Way with Youth Advisory Board, Creative Minds at Hillside Beach Club in Turkey
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