Feel Good Stories

Hillside Beach club is a space presenting alternatives for every need and liking, in touch with the nature. If you wanna be by yourself there is Silent Beach which is quiet and calm, or if you’re in the mood for some music and fun, you can always start by Pasha Beach and disco, if you’re the kind that can’t do without moving, you can go for yoga classes and various water sports, and if you feel like relaxing, its spa is perfect for you. Whilst you’re drinking your cocktail prepared from fresh fruits you’ll surrender yourself to Fethiye’s one of a kind blue, gather new memories, rest your soul and clear your mind. In Hillside which offers activities for teens and playgrounds for kids, your family will also feel good. 

We can go on and tell you about all the things Hillside but it's best that you read the words of our lovely visitor:



Splendid ‘Innovations and Fineness’


All the toiletries and printed material in our room seemed alive, they talk, they shine, they move, all of those colors! It felt so good! You make them talk in such a way, as I read them I was drawn to that feeling; my favorite is “Journey to Neverland” on the pillow menu(such a true description; I have felt that at Hillside).


For those who would like to begin the day with a smile with yoga, you built another deck at Silent Beach.


With your new application, I’m able to tell the app what I like and you make me smile several times throughout the day with the lovely notifications…


I look for the clues written on the cover in Blind Date with a Book, and I play a game where I try to guess the book and the author right before I untie it; and I win 75 % of the time.


Outdoor Gym’s wooden weights really conveys the feeling of the outdoor. It really is amazing!


Such a thoughtful gesture that you cover our car’s windows so that it won’t get too hot inside.


I am head over heels smitten with the olive tree inside the breakfast area! It is such great accompany to the olive oils and literally brings ‘life’ inside.  

Feel Good Stories

Splendid Flavors


A masterpiece(!) omlette with truffle oil

Croissant with Almonds

Chia Bowl & Puff Pastry

Calamari & Crispy Courgette with a secret sauce
Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Peruvian Chilli Shredded Shrimps with Citrus Fruits

Crispy Pita with Mimolette

Stuffed Vine Leaves

Very Crispy ‘Simit’ (sesame bagels) straight out the oven in the morning

Amuse Bouche; Mango Sorbet


What I Love;


On The First Day I Love That:


Quickly completing my online check-in through e-mail while dreaming of Hillside.


As soon as I arrive, and sign that sleek iPad, all procedure is completed in 5 minutes.


After check-in, I get to go to the changing cabin close by, slip into my bikini and Havaianas & switch into the holiday mode right away.


To be able to walk through the tropical woods, listening to the bird singing and breathing in the fresh, crisp air…


The white, lucid Pasha, banana trees, Mediterranean tunes, to be completely refreshed in the serene breakfast area that almost feels like over the sea.


Our exciting reunion with the sea, no need to wait for our room to be ready!


After a long swim, enjoying the olive oil dishes and the one & only delicious grilled fish of Hillside at Beach Bar!


At warmest hour of the day, enjoying a strong macchiato over espresso ice cream at Coffe Bar.


Becoming one with the million tones of blue while chatting internally with hundreds of baby fish at Silent Beach, where I walk on the pier to throw the strokes that I dreamed of with excitement and impatience all year in the swimming lane that feels like it was thought of and created only for me.



Lightly swaying of the Deck at sunset, feeling its warmth where I loose myself within the many colors… Falling in love with the cove’s goddess-like beauty, all over again… The admiration that comes with that pleasure, being grateful and the deep love I feel for nature.

Feel Good Stories

Tastes I Love:


Pasha breakfast experience


The beauty of Chia Bowl design, its taste, its texture

Croissant with almonds, delicious! Almonds are crisp, the curiosity its smell creates, the surprising meeting of almond paste with my tongue… The excellence of the presentation of coffee latte with almond milk: beauty of the idea placing flowers in the cinnamon sticks.


Main Restaurant



Crisp ‘simit’(sesame bagels) and ‘pişi’(doughballs)! Yummy!

Soaked walnuts

Spiced olive oils

Delicious cheeses

Ricotta & avocado & chilli honey trio



Milano style risotto with fresh thyme&Peruvian chili shreds

Pappardelle with duck

The luscious dover sole

Prawns from Alexandria in Bloody Mary sauce, it really is an amazing dish! 

Tomato&Peruvian chili sauce that burst in my mouth with amazing tastes! 

Puff pastry, naturally

My dinner which leaves a beautiful, light taste in my mouth with wasabi and Old Dutch cheese…  

Chocolate souffle

A proper baked rice pudding

Cold ‘baklava’



A wonderful, perfect evening with the welcoming, the service and the tastes…

Chef talking about the menu with a sparkle in his eyes, amazing service

Our table was called “the double table”!

Double crispy courgette, double prawns&calamari(from now on it is called the Cloud Prawn because it is so fluffy)

Double sea food linguini

Proper risotto

Pistacchio caramel ice cream!

The ceramic plates of desserts and the espresso cups were very nice



Dream On : A perfect NY musical!


JLO: An amazing concert show! Letchi becomes a giant on stage, not just as a dancer, but also as an actor, he’s amazing.


Yosi Gabay: Both Pasha and Sunset playlists were wonderful! 


Beach Bar Sunset, the following dj and the accompanying singer girls from St Tropez boosted up the rhythm of entertainment.


Kerem Görsev:

We came to Hillside back in 1995 for the first time and we come here every here since then, as one with how we feel at the beginning; this is a magical place and with love to Edip who makes it that way… With all this in our mind, he put a smile on our hearts…


I felt that the bay at Hillside is the most enchanting concert venue in the world.

The calm summer breeze that makes you forget the heat of the sun during the day, the sea that I’m in love with which becomes the stage for the piano, the sand beneath my feet. In my life, many concerts have run through me over the years, but I’ve never felt like this. It was as if my soul melted into this cove together with the music.


Jazz is the one type of music that is closest to my soul. How Kerem Görsev becomes one with the keys, Ferit flowing through the music he composed, the dance of the drums with the piano… The night that became more and more beautiful with each song, ended with an amazing ballad that I love: My One and Only Love; Hillside for me.


With rare awakenings in my senses, warm feelings in my heart and new traces in my soul, you made me experience wonderful moments.


I thank you with all my heart.


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