1. Hillside Beach Club
  3. Discovery
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Boat Tours
Share in an experience that plays out like a dream. The deep orange glow of the sunset, the sweet blue of the sea and the lush red of the wine paint a montage unlike any other on this romantic voyage.
  • 12 Islands
  • Gulf of Fethiye and Surrounding Bays
  • Sunset Tours
  • Moonlight Tours
  • Private Boat Tour
Culture and Nature
Ancient mysteries in a pristine environment call from the deep past. The echoes of civilisations, the voice of the sea.
  • Kaya Köy
  • Dead Sea
  • Cadianda and Uzumlu
Adventure and Sports
Ready for the thrill of heart-pounding adventure amidst the epic backdrop of the turquoise sea, tree-hugging sheer cliffs and air so fresh your lungs want to drink deep?
  • Mountain Biking
  • Trekking
  • Off-Road Jeep Safari