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Silent Beach
Only the sound of nature — not telephones chirping, at adult-only Silent Beach, where blue bleeds into green and back again.

Experience new heights of indulgence. Explore Nature Spa by the beach.

Serenity Beach
Imagine being stretched out on a hammock, the wind washing across your face. The sound of cicadas singing in the background. You sip on a cocktail of freshly squeezed fruit. Is this Eden? you wonder.

Two routes, one destination: utter calm. A nature trail lined with lush evergreen trees, or a short voyage on a shuttle boat. Up for a delicious bite? Relax. Our snacks will sate your appetite at Serenity Bar.

Main Beach
Capture the most vivid photographs of the summer with family at the main beach, located at the heart of Hillside Beach Club. Share them with the hashtag: #hillsidebeachclub. The memories will last in your heart and in your soul, once we guide you and your loved ones on a voyage of inner bliss.

Why interrupt your sunbathing? Have cocktails delivered with a single click.

Pasha Beach
Wondering what makes Pasha so special? Let all six senses guide you. You’ll soon know it. Body and soul.
"Literally heaven on earth!"
3 November 2016

This hotel is the best summer time hotel I've ever seen. Hotel owns a wonderful private bay. They have fantastic breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. The quality of the product are very good. See is amazing and there are three beaches.

“Amazing Hotel! ”
30 October 2016

Hillside Beach Club is located in nearly unique and beautiful place. Rooms are very comfortable. Service is welcome. Very active night life: every evening is interesting programme. Waiting to come back!!! I fell in love with this hotel and place!

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With this broad application, you can see all the daily activities, get detailed info about the experiences and different parts of the resort, learn about the special surprises and wonderful tips at once.

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Where Mediterranean caresses out private bays, Hillside Beach Club is a first-class international resort for living your dream. The Beach Oder app, an innovation that allows guests to order drinks to their sunbed with a swipe of their thumb. Users simply input their umbrella number and the drink of their choice and it will be personally delivered to their spot on the beach within minutes